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2007 January
STEP (Strategy to End Poverty) Niagara is born out of kNOw Poverty with the goal of addressing a crying need for psychotherapy within primary health care and supported housing for those suffering from addiction and/or mental illness and who are living in poverty.

2007 June
The Region of Niagara Department of Community and Social Services releases A Legacy of Poverty? Addressing Cycles of Poverty and the Impact on Child Health in Niagara Region, a report addressing the most groups most vulnerable to systemic poverty in Niagara, including women, aboriginal families, new immigrants, people with disabilities, people experiencing mental illness and the working poor.

2007 September 18
The City of Welland issues a Proclamation for the Elimination of Poverty, a document that calls upon Welland City Council to support the elimination of poverty in the City of Welland and the Regional Municipality of Niagara through the implementation of its Strategic Plan and through its support of community efforts to elimination poverty locally and globally.

2008 October 18
Over 200 concerned citizens attend STEPís first public forum, held at Notre Dame High School, to hear keynote speaker Dr. John Rook from Canadaís National Council on Welfare and to discuss the creation of small-scale supported affordable housing for people with mental illness.

2009 January 27
STEP Niagara holds a second open forum at the Niagara Regional Police Station Community Room on Lincoln Street to continue discussion on an affordable housing project.

2010 August 10
STEP Niagara Chair Rev. Bob Bond and Vice-Chair Paul Turner present a request to City Council for assistance in securing a site for STEPís supported housing facility and request the formation of an Advisory Committee on Poverty.

2011 April 19
STEP Niagara is appointed the Mayorís and Councilís official Advisory Committee on Poverty.

2011 September
STEP Niagara unveils its three task forces: Task Force on Affordable Housing Issues, Task for on the Family Health Team, and Task Force on the Welland Sustainable Neighbourhood.

2011 October
The Task Force on the Welland Sustainable Neighbourhood becomes the Task Force on Cordage Green Ė Sustainable Living in Welland.

2012 January
STEP Niagara holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

2013 January
STEP Niagara creates a Committee on Mental Health.

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